In the 17th Century, King Louis XIV conquered Besançon and thus concluded his conquest of Spanish Franche-Comté.

To modernize the city’s fortifications, he called upon France’s most renowned military architect, the genius : Vauban.

During the construction period, Vauban often visited Besançon and stayed at the celebrated « Du Sauvage » Inn.

Today, the Hotel “Le Sauvage” lies at the foot of Vauban’s tour de force, the Citadelle. The name “Du Sauvage” has been revived to pay tribute to not only Vauban’s time in Besançon, but also to the designation of his work as a Unesco World Heritage Site.

In his historic district of Besançon, the Hotel occupies the exceptional former estate of the exclusive “Clarisses” convent.

Dating back to the medieval period, the property housed a convent of the Catholic religious order Minims.
However, the estate was seized during the French Revolution and sold in 1792.

A mansion was built in place of the convent at the turn of the 19th Century. In 1854, the « Clarisses” congregation acquired it and proceeded to commission the highly distinguished local architect Alfred DUCAT to adjoin a chapel in 1890.

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